Must-see attractions in Italy

  • Aspiration - Vatican city

    Vatican Museums

    Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

    Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century and enlarged by successive pontiffs, the Vatican Museums boast one of the world's greatest art…

  • Inside the Colosseum, an amphitheater located in Ancient Rome.
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    Ancient Rome

    Everyone wants to see the Colosseum, and it doesn’t disappoint, especially if accompanied by tales of armored gladiators and hungry lions. More than any…

  • St Peter's Basilica and city skyline from Villa Borghese.

    St Peter's Basilica

    Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

    In the city of outstanding churches, none can hold a candle to St Peter's, Italy’s largest, richest and most spectacular basilica. Built atop a 4th…

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The temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum, Rome, Lazio.

    Roman Forum

    Ancient Rome

    An impressive – if rather confusing – sprawl of ruins, the Roman Forum was ancient Rome's showpiece center, a grandiose district of temples...

  • Farnese Gardens built a top Domus Tiberiana on Palatine Hill at the Roman forum in Rome, Italy.


    Ancient Rome

    Sandwiched between the Roman Forum and the Circo Massimo, the Palatino (Palatine Hill) is one of Rome's most spectacular sights. It's a beautiful,…

  • OCTOBER 3, 2012: Antique marble busts inside the Capitoline Museum.
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    Capitoline Museums

    Ancient Rome

    Dating from 1471, the Capitoline Museums are the world's oldest public museums, with a fine collection of classical sculpture.

  • Interior of The Pantheon.


    Centro Storico

    With its revolutionary design, this awe-inspiring temple has served as an architectural blueprint for millennia.

  • Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

    Piazza Navona

    Centro Storico

    With its showy fountains, baroque palazzi and colorful cast of street artists, hawkers and tourists, Piazza Navona is central Rome’s elegant showcase…

  • Famous iconic Trevi Fountain at Piazza Di Trevi

    Trevi Fountain

    Tridente, Trevi & the Quirinale

    Don't miss a visit to Rome's iconic Fontana di Trevi, or Trevi Fountain.

  • The Appian way, Via Appia Antica
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    Via Appia Antica

    Southern Rome

    Via Appia Antica is a beautiful cobbled thoroughfare flanked by grassy fields, ancient Roman structures and towering pine trees.

  • Castel Sant Angelo or Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome.

    Castel Sant'Angelo

    Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

    This castle is an instantly recognizable landmark now home to the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo.

  • March 27, 2018: Interior of Renaissance Villa Farnesina, monument of architecture and painting of the High Renaissance.
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    Villa Farnesina

    Trastevere & Gianicolo

    Admire the interior of this gorgeous 16th-century villa, fantastically frescoed from top to bottom.

  • ROME, ITALY - JUNE 15, 2019:  The San Sebastiano fuori le mura (Saint Sebastian outside the walls) is a basilica in Rome, central Italy.; Shutterstock ID 1689007471; purchase_order: 65050; job: poi; client: ; other:

    Catacombe di San Sebastiano

    Southern Rome

    Extending beneath the Basilica di San Sebastiano, these underground burial chambers were developed in the 1st century.

  • Vatican Gardens, Rome, Italy

    Vatican Gardens

    Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

    The Vatican stands atop the low-lying Vatican hill, just west of the Tiber. Much of its 109 acres are covered by the perfectly manicured Vatican Gardens.

  • June 26, 2018: Art inside the Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) in the Historic Centre of Florence.
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    Galleria degli Uffizi

    Duomo & Piazza della Signoria

    Home to the world's greatest collection of Italian Renaissance art, Florence's premier gallery occupies the vast U-shaped Palazzo degli Uffizi (1560–80),…

  • Basilica di Santa Maria Novella.

    Basilica di Santa Maria Novella

    Santa Maria Novella

    The striking green-and-white marble facade of 13th- to 15th-century Basilica di Santa Maria Novella fronts an entire monastical complex, comprising…

  • Facade of St Marks Basilica.

    Basilica di San Marco


    With a profusion of domes and more than 8000 sq metres of luminous mosaics, Venice's cathedral is unforgettable. It was founded in the 9th century to…

  • Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena) is a medieval church, now dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, completed between 1215 and 1263, Siena, Italy; Shutterstock ID 1027666891; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe



    Consecrated on the former site of a Roman temple in 1179 and constructed over the 13th and 14th centuries, Siena's majestic duomo (cathedral) showcases…

  • Water carriers from Herculaneum, Museo Archeologico Nazionale.

    Museo Archeologico Nazionale


    Naples' National Archaeological Museum serves up one of the world’s finest collections of Graeco-Roman artefacts. Originally a cavalry barracks and later…

  • Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy - stock photo
Pictured is the Torre del Mangia and town hall building which also houses the Museo Civico

    Museo Civico


    Entered via the Palazzo Pubblico's Cortile del Podestà (Courtyard of the Chief Magistrate), this wonderful museum showcases rooms richly frescoed by…

  • Piazza Armerina, Enna, Sicily

    Villa Romana del Casale

    Central Sicily

    Villa Romana del Casale is sumptuous, even by decadent Roman standards, and is thought to have been the country retreat of Marcus Aurelius Maximianus,…

  • The beautiful art on the ceilings of Sistine Chapel, Vatican Rome...This a HDR of 3 shots, corrected for perspective and cropped to get a symmetrical look...Press H+M for best view

    Sistine Chapel

    Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

    The Sistine Chapel is the one part of the Vatican Museums that everyone wants to see, and for good reason.

  • Awesome sunrise over Doges palace, Venice

    Palazzo Ducale


    Holding pride of place on the waterfront, this pretty Gothic confection may be an unlikely setting for the political and administrative seat of a great…

  • Roman theatre at Ostia Antica.

    Area Archeologica di Ostia Antica


    One of Lazio's prize sights, the ruins of ancient Rome's seaport are wonderfully complete, like a smaller version of Pompeii. Highlights include the Terme…

  • FLORENCE (FIRENZE), JULY 28, 2017 - view of Square of Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Tuscany, Italy; Shutterstock ID 793861060; purchase_order: 65050; job: poi; client: ; other:

    Palazzo Vecchio

    Duomo & Piazza della Signoria

    This fortress palace, with its crenellations and 94m-high tower, was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio between 1298 and 1314 for the signoria (city government…

  • Frescoes in cloister of Museo di San Marco.

    Museo di San Marco

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    At the heart of Florence's university area sits Chiesa di San Marco and an adjoining 15th-century Dominican monastery where both gifted painter Fra'…

  • Agrigento, Sicily, Italy - October 9, 2017: Tourists visiting Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

    Valley of the Temples


    Sicily's most enthralling archaeological site encompasses the ruined ancient city of Akragas, highlighted by the stunningly well-preserved Tempio della…

  • Royal Palace of Capodimonte, Naples

    Museo di Capodimonte


    Originally designed as a hunting lodge for Charles VII of Bourbon, the monumental Palazzo di Capodimonte was begun in 1738 and took more than a century to…

  • Red dome of cathedral viewed from Campanile.


    Duomo & Piazza della Signoria

    Florence's duomo is the city's most iconic landmark. Capped by Filippo Brunelleschi's red-tiled cupola, it's a staggering construction whose breathtaking…

  • MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 04:  A statue is displayed during the opening exhibition of new Grande Museo del Duomo on November 4, 2013 in Milan, Italy.The opening of the new Grande Museo of Duomo in Palazzo Reale: 27 showrooms, 2000 square meters, 13 thematic areas where the most important treasures of Fabbrica del Duomo are preserved.  (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

    Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

    Duomo & Piazza della Signoria

    This awe-inspiring story of how the duomo and its cupola came to life is told in this well-executed museum. Among its sacred and liturgical treasures are…

  • View Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta in San Gimignano in the Duomo square. 16 June 2017 San Gimignano, Tuscany - Italy


    San Gimignano

    Parts of San Gimignano's Romanesque cathedral were built in the second half of the 11th century, but its remarkably vivid frescoes, depicting episodes…

  • NAPLES, ITALY - JUNE 11: The Modesty of Antonio Corradini in the Sansevero Chapel during the reopening to the public on June 11, 2020 in Naples, Italy. The Sansevero Chapel Museum can be visited again after the closure imposed by the lockdown for the covid-19 emergency, exactly thirty years after the reopening to the public after the restoration works which in 1990 returned to the fruition the baroque masterpieces of the chapel commissioned by Raimondo di Sangro and the Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino sculpted in 1753, today a symbol of the Neapolitan Baroque. (Photo by Ivan Romano/Getty Images)

    Cappella Sansevero


    It's in this Masonic-inspired baroque chapel that you'll find Giuseppe Sanmartino's incredible sculpture, Cristo velato (Veiled Christ), its marble veil…

  • The last of the three major buildings on the piazza to be built, construction of the bell tower began in 1173 and took place in three stages over the course of 177 years, with the bell-chamber only added in 1372. Five years after construction began, when the building had reached the third floor level, the weak subsoil and poor foundation led to the building sinking on its south side

    Leaning Tower


    One of Italy's signature sights, the Torre Pendente truly lives up to its name, leaning a startling 3.9 degrees off the vertical. The 58m-high tower,…

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