PX7F3T The supposedly haunted Robert the Doll is one of the prime attractions found at the East Martello Tower art gallery in the city of Key West, Florida
Fort East Martello Museum & Gardens

William Silver/Alamy

Fort East Martello Museum & Gardens

Key West

This old fortress was built to resemble an old Italian Martello-style coastal watchtower (hence the name), a design that quickly became obsolete with the advent of the explosive shell. Now the fort serves a new purpose: preserving the old. There's historical memorabilia, artifacts, the folk art of Mario Sanchez and ‘junk’ sculptor Stanley Papio, who worked with scrap metal; plus a genuinely creepy haunted doll.

Perhaps the most haunted thing in Key West, 'Robert the doll' is a terrifying child’s toy from the 19th century who reportedly causes much misfortune to those who question his powers. Honest, he looks like something out of a Stephen King novel; see www.robertthedoll.org for more information.

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