Pacuare Lodge

Caribbean Coast

There are two ways into this dream of an ecolodge, both equally adventurous. Most arrive at its remote location on the Río Pacuare by raft, via a thrilling 45-minute guided paddle. Others take a 7km dirt path (accessible via the hotel's 4WD) to the river, and then climb into a rickety cable car that crosses the water to the lodge.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the elegant private bungalows overlooking the river, with hardwood floors, solar-heated showers and thatched roofs; some have infinity pools. Most (aside from family rooms) have no electricity or walls, only screens – all the better to immerse yourself in nature. Activities include guided hikes, ziplining, canyoning and meeting nearby indigenous communities. Unwind at the spa or eat dinner in the treetops on an elevated canopy terrace.

The lodge is currently participating in a panther program: 40 motion-sensor cameras are set up around the reserve to capture wild-cat activity, and there's a learning center with video footage of recent sightings.

A new 20m infinity pool enhances the experience.

Package deals include transportation to and from San José, a bilingual guide, a rafting tour or ground transportation to the lodge, equipment, meals, most drinks and a hike.

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