Exterior of Nationalmuseet, Ny Vestergade 10.


Top choice in Copenhagen

For a crash course in Danish history and culture, spend an afternoon at Denmark's National Museum. It has first claim on virtually every antiquity uncovered on Danish soil, including Stone Age tools, Viking weaponry, rune stones and medieval jewellery. Among the many highlights is a finely crafted 3500-year-old Sun Chariot, as well as bronze lurs (horns), some of which date back 3000 years and are still capable of blowing a tune.

You'll find sections related to the Norse and Inuit people of Greenland, and an evocative exhibition called Stories of Denmark, covering Danish history from 1660 to 2000. Among the highlights here are recreated living quarters (among them an 18th-century Copenhagen apartment) and a whimsical collection of toys, including a veritable village of doll houses. The museum also has an excellent Children's Museum, as well as a classical antiquities section complete with Egyptian mummies.

For a little cerebral relief, find refuge in the well-stocked gift shop.

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